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April Book Challenge Recap
June 2, 2014, 2:10 am
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I’m running late on this update, I started a new job a few months ago and while I love being a caregiver it wears me out. I’m in good position on my challenges. I’m pretty happy about it, so far.  Let’s get into the monthly progress.

I read 14 books for the erotic reading challenge, bringing me to 51/81-100+

Dash of Peril Lori Foster I love her books and I’d been waiting for this one, though it was the end of a series so I was a little bummed as well. It was all I hoped for. She writes such a great, encompassing story, not just sex. A great read.

Tempted Rebecca Zanetti I discovered her through an excerpt in the back of a book a few years ago and it took me awhile to get hold of her books, this is I believe the fourth book in the series and it was an ebook novella. I loved it of course . She has a different take on vampires where they are actually aliens. Its different and fun. I recommend starting with the first book, Fated.

Labor Day Joyce Maynard Oh my, where to start? This was a divine book, in my hall of fame of greats. It was a beautiful story, full of tough choices and heartbreak and redemption at the end. It made me cry at the end. A heartfelt recommendation.

Dark Deeds at Nights Edge Kresley Cole This is one of my favorite books in the series, I adore Conrad Wroth and his relationship with his brothers and Neomi. A great read.

Wild Wolf Jennifer Ashley This is her newest and I’ve been waiting eagerly for it. I LOVE her Shifters Unbound series and I was so excited about Graham and Misty’s story and it didn’t disappoint.

Dark Desires After Dusk Kresley Cole This is another favorite from the series, I’ve always had a soft spot for Cadeon and in this book his struggle for redemption against the one woman that is his own. Its a wonderful read.

Play of Passion Nalini Singh This is part of her Psy Changling series. It wasn’t a bad read, not my favorite in the series, but I love how the books are interconnected how the story is building.

Kiss of Snow Nalini Singh Another Psy Changling book. I’ve been waiting to read this one, I’ve always liked Hawk and his dynamic with Sienna, this book was pivotal in the story line as things came to a head.

Wild Invitation Nalini Singh this is an anthology of three novellas, loved them all. Stroke of Enticement in another anthology was how I discovered this series.

Dark Celebration Christine Feehan This was a unique book as it caught up with all the couples from the previous books and a tease to a future book that I’m chompin at the bit to get to. I really enjoyed this one.

Dark Possession Christine feehan I like Virkinoff and his relationship with Natalya, its a little less intense than some of the other books and I liked it for that change.

Tangle of Need Nalini Singh I liked this book with riaz and Adriana and the ups and downs and the fight for their relationship. One of my favored books in the Psy Changling series.

Otherwise Engaged Amanda Quick This was her brand new book and it was a bit of a stray from her usual style and I loved it anyway or because of it. She chose a bit of a later time period and therefore a bit of a different mindset. A great read.

Kiss of a Demon King Kresley Cole This is a bit of an intense book, but then Rydstrom is a little intense. I love Sabine and how she’s true to herself and all shades of grey.

In addition I also read Through the Looking Glass by Lewis Carroll. It was all sorts of crazy, but entertaining.

I also read The Time Machine by  H G Wells It was interesting and as always a little dark. I enjoyed it greatly.

Historical Reading challenge 7/12

Otherwise Engaged Amanda Quick


I have three bingos toward the blackout.

Alphabet Soup Challenge


Immortals After Dark Challenge 7/15

Dark Deeds at the Night’s edge

Dark Desires After dusk

Kiss of a Demon King

Million Page Challenge (Perpetual)


YTD 17269

I need to work on the sea Haven Challenge, that’s the one that’s lagging behind. I also made decent progress with my book to movie challenge I have my three in various forms I have one combo completed both Alice in Wonderland books and the new Alice in Wonderland movie with Johnny Depp.

I have read Labor Day waiting for the movie to come from Netflix

I watched The Book Thief from Netflix, it was a wonderful gripping movie, so I’m thrilled for the book.

I’m currently reading two historicals and a Carpathian novel.