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New Year Blast Off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
January 1, 2013, 5:05 pm
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It has arrived… and I’m ready to go. In the interim waiting for today to arrive; I may have gone a bit crazy and joined a few more challenges. I have joined Read A Latte,Romance Reading, Paranormal Challenge!! I have issues… READING ISSUES! 

First Challenge: Library Book Challenge

This challenge involves library books… of course! The goal is to utilize the library! There are different levels. I have chosen the Just Insert IV level which is 50+ within a calender year. I have a massive stack currently from the library that will make a huge dent in this goal! I am a  library book hoarder but I always return on time. 

The three new challenges I set up for are Read A Latte, Paranormal reading challenge and Romance. I will explain them further in future posts.


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Sorry I did not wrap things up in my last post… I had a helper :)… My Wonderful Niece.

Comment by rescuemefromurbanhell

Thank you so much for joining the challenge! Most of all, have fun and happy reading!

Comment by Kimberly

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