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1001 Books to Read Before You Die June Update
July 1, 2010, 7:16 pm
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June has flew by! The scramble for the end of quarter exams and preparing my externship ate up quite a bit of time. I only completed two books this month. Orroonoko by Aphra Behn and The Golden Ass by Lucius Apuleius. Both were a fun good read.

I’m making inroads on the Pre 1700 catagory of my book challenge. 13 books in the category, 3 read, 10 to read, 3 to find and have 5 in my possession. Not too bad.

I’m still working my way through For Whom the Bell Tolls, its the best Hemingway  read so far out of 4. I can not find To Have or Have Not, its proving illusive. I even talked to to my favorite bookseller and she hadn’t heard of it. So wish me luck there!

I’ve also just started Euphues: The Anatomy of Wit by John Lyly. Its going to be a ponderous one.

I’m in a bit of a bad place with two slow reads and I’ve taken up writing again at night so that’s when I read quite a bit, so I’ll have to discipline myself to read for a bit then write.

I have currently from the library to read:

Ben Hur Lew Wallace

White Teeth and On Beauty Zadie Smith

The Unfortunate Traveller Thomas Nashe

The Light of Day Graham Swift


American Pastoral Philip Roth

I have a ton of books on my list that I’ve picked up second hand but I’m trying to get through my library books before I start them. I have the goal of at least getting Hemingway done this month, I’m about half way through. Euphues, well I’d like to get halfway through at least. I may be surprised and it will be a fast wonderful read. Ever optimistic! Happy reading!


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