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101 Things in 1001 Days April Update
April 30, 2010, 11:51 pm
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So not going well, nothing done this month. But I have a couple big ones wrapping up in a few months. I graduate in September! My car will also be paid off this year. So two pretty major ones.

My dad is also going to make me a set of clothes lines. This weekend I’ll be planting the first of my garden, cabbage is going out and I have tomatoes and sweet corn to plant also. I also have pumpkins, potatoes and pickles to go out. So a decent canning garden!

I have to modify one of my tasks, volunteer at the Humane Society. I make regular supply donations to them, but I try to never go past the lobby. Its painful to me and we are full.  6 is the limit! So I have decided to change it to volunteer with the USO on 3 events. (This a random number I asked Chuck to give me.) I have two events coming up this month that I’ve volunteered for, the Coast Guard family day next weekend and the Monthly Breakfast at the Navy Base on the 23rd. Gives me a great reason to bake!!

So I’m coming along but slowly. I have lots of plans but no funds! I still need to figure this darn new printer out to scan my pictures and finish my recipe box. (We both hate it!)

Say a prayer for me and keep me in your thoughts as I continue my canning adventures and to get things done! Happy Mother’s Day!


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