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101 Things in 1001 Days
December 29, 2009, 1:22 am
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Its been a  tough month. I didn’t get anything accomplished! Though I did take my finals and I’m now 2 quarters from having my degree! Yippeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I also survived some crazy anxiety and a cancer scare, so I think I’m in pretty good shape. To celebrate, I cut off my hair. I donated 14 inches to wigs for kids and I’m now sporting  a cute layered bob.

For my birthday, i asked my fiance for a new bathroom vanity. Strange but true! I saw a really cute one on sale at The Home Depot. Tonight we got a new bathroom faucet so we’ll install it when we get the vanity. I’m really excited!! That is a big one on my list to get a new bathroom vanity. I didn’t think it was possible at this time, but it happened. Also for my birthday outing I asked to see the Dale Chihuly glass exhibit at the Toledo Art Museum, that’s another task to go to an art exhibit.  So January is looking better!

I finally ordered my Fels Naptha soap online, I just was not finding it locally and had a great price for a case and amazingly quick shipping! I was impressed and will buy again. So this week I’m going to make my homemade laundry soap and give a review. I can’t wait. The Fels Naptha soap smells so good! Its been smelling up my living room, until my sister got me a Bath adn Body Works Carnival Apple or Winter Apple soap dispenser for the bathroom. Oh my, it smells heavenly and its potent. I can smell it in the office and it stays on my hands for a long time. So free plug for Bath and Body Works!

No progress with the kitchen. I’m low down and terrible and I’m seriously thinking of delegating the remaining work to fiance. He needs to help out.

For Christmas Chuck got me the entire collection of Sex and the City DVDs. So now I just have to make a day with my sister to have our Sex and the City party! I have really cut ideas for snacks and drinks!

Today at The Home depot I bought two of those under door draft thingies for the front door and the door that leads up to the attic. So that’s helping make my house more energy efficient. It will also keep the cold air off chuck’s snakes since the aquarium stand is by the attic door. He has the Eastern Fox Snake in the bottom, which is local to this area and then the baby corns also fairly local then the luetristic black rat, white without being albino. Our ball python is in the living room, she’s the one that can’t have drafts. She’s Chuck’s favorite. So all together Chuck has 10 snakes. He’s looking at a couple more, honestly once you’re set up with the aquarium and any heating pads or lights, the upkeep is pretty cheap. They are not expensive to feed. Which is good next to the 6 dogs! We just ordered Frontline and bought a bag of large breed for our St Bernard. Oh and a new Christmas collar for our alpha female. She loves bells! We can’t have squeaky toys for her anymore,  so we make sure she has a bell collar.

Well I think that sums up my 101 things so far. I’m way off goal and I may have to rethink a few.


1001 Books to Read Before You Die
December 29, 2009, 12:55 am
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So now that the holidays are over, I’m trying to get back into the routine. December was a rough month, I had finals and Christmas and we had a horse shipped for the first time. What a snafu that was! We won’t be repeating that anytime soon. Thankfully he’s home and a great guy.

Today I finished Jude The Obscure Thomas Hardy. I also read Tess of the D’Ubervilles and finished that earlier this month. I have The Mayor of Casterbridge, The Woodlanders, The Hand of Elhelberta and Return of the Native yet to read by Hardy.

I am also reading the Atonement by Ian McEwan. I think it has a lot of potential to be a great read, but its a bit of a slow start. I finished Saturday also by McEwan a week or so ago. The last chapter was profound and worth reading the book. It was an intresting book and I recommend it.

McEwan had I believe seven books on the list so I’ll be working on him for awhile! I have from the library now Black Dogs, Atonement, and Enduring Love. I have yet to get Amsterdam, The Child in Time, The Comfort of Strangers and The Cement Garden.

Also from the library I have Never Let Me Go, A pale View of Hills and The Unconsoled by Kazuo Ishiguro. A Pale View of Hills is my next book to read.

As of right now I sit at having 18 books read. I’m 7 books off of my target. I don’t see any improvement until I get this next batch of library books done. These are slow reads, but worth it. Happy Reading!