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The Beggining of the End
November 12, 2009, 6:23 pm
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So I live in Toledo. Unfortunately. Toledo has made national headlines for some really dumb things; like ticketing people in their own driveways if they weren’t paved. Or that shooting outside the bar that was caught on a surveillance camera that they knew was there. Oh the joys of living in an ass backwards city. I’d rather be ass backwards in the country, where I won’t get a ticket for parking in my driveway. And the dumb people are hopefully far away.

I guess I should explain how I came to live in urban hell, a man of course. We have a compromise, I do my time now and he’ll do his time then. It works I guess for now. I’m a full time student and until recently I worked full time. Gotta love the economy. So when I graduate and we get on our feet out we do to rural paradise! Where I can bring my horses home and have my poultry and a self sufficient farm. My dream of dreams! I’m counting the days!


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Love the new blog!

I hear ya! I am in Toledo cause of a man too! This is a very ass-backwards city with lots of idiots. I’d much rather live in the country too- though I prefer my “ruralscape” to have mountains and pine trees…not farms like Ohio.

Comment by opicana

I love this young woman, I feel for her. The city
life is not for her or me. I know her pretty well.


Comment by Jerry A.

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